Green Lantern


On June 16, 2011 Fathers Day came early for me. My 6 year old son/sidekick decided to go to the midnight showing of The Green Lantern, we went to our favorite hang out (Chick-fil-a) to grab a bite to eat and then proceeded to head to the theater and wait in line with about 200+ people for 2 and half hours. We passed the time playing rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock and geeked out over who are favorite super heroes were. Soon it came time to head into the theater and I don’t know who was more excited my son or myself. There was sheer pandemonium as the movie began a very die hard fan of the Emerald Hero stood up in full costume ring and all and recited the Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern Oath “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evil’s might. Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”. Now I will be the first guy to go on record and say I LOVE Ryan Reynolds,he is probably one of the hardest working and finest actors in Hollywood today with out a doubt, but that aside the movie was very entertaining and stuck to the Hal Jordan story line of The Green Lantern very well. The dialogue was never dragging (Reynolds is great at is improv) the plot was thick and juicy and best of all in my opinion the cinematography was fantastic. Now lets discuss the huge green elephant in the room..THE SUIT ! Okay so your going to produce a huge summer blockbuster with one of the most prominent male leads in the business and you place him in a suit made up completely of computer generated graphics? Why would Sony Imageworks the same company that brought us Watchmen and Alice in Wonderland do this you say? I believe it was just so they could whip out there green multi-million dollar penis out and say, “hey everybody look what We have!”, which is not bad if said genitalia was made from pure emeralds; but this was more like a plastic toy made in China covered in lead paint. With that being said the cinematography was a double edged sword of sorts, because at times it seemed the VFX team was blatantly showing off there new “toy”; which led to numerous screen shots that were not up to today’s standards in film making. I know there is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into creating VFX but it just seemed to me that they got lazy there is just no nicer way of putting it. I mean look at what ILM has done with Transformers and what Weta has done with…well everything else! If your going to play ball with the big boys you better bring your “we are badasses don’t screw with us” game, but instead you brought “we are going to do a half ass job and see if we can still make millions of dollars” game. Well it worked because you topped the box office with 53.2M dollars to be exact.


Super 8

At the age of six I remember sitting on a sofa the color of soggy Wheaties (it was the 80’s) with my father who was only 23 years old and watching all three original “Star Wars” films back to back, since then I have had a love affair with Cinema and well Science Fiction in particular and to this day am never able to sate my appetite. So you can understand my frustration when I see what I know to be a good movie of great “Production Value” that is “Mint” like Super 8 and then hear from a vast majority of people that its nothing that hasn’t been done before and compare it to “E.T.”, are you out of your Vulcan mind! I believe with out a shadow of a doubt that a majority of individuals that watched this film missed the preverbal train of amazing dialogue and camaraderie amongst friends that undoubtedly gives you no choice but to invest yourselves in to the characters so much so that there every emotion permeates you. What amazes me even more is that we are so quick to criticize another persons Art that we don’t see what is happening in our own society, we have become numb to what actual entertainment really is and allowed ourselves to be over saturated by pop culture to the point that we (and I’m throwing myself in the ring too) become mindless zombies just waiting for the next film to hit the box office so that we might devour it, can we no longer think for ourselves? I have boiled down a cinematic event to one basic principal; YOU WATCH A FILM TO BE ENTERTAINED! So if you find yourself on the edge of your seat not even half way through the film and it leaves you with a smile on your face and best of all the first thing you want to do is tell the world about it, than you got your moneys worth. So the bottom line is that Super 8 had an original screenplay, was heart wrenching and pretty damn entertaining.

Hello world!

My name is Dustin and I have 2 kids that challenge me on a daily basis and a wife that proudly calls me her husband. My interests are saving the world from my toddlers dirty diapers, comic books and pretty much anything that plugs into a wall ( or is wireless)  and provides me with hours of mindless entertainment. I have no patience for arrogance, stupidity or bad personal hygiene.